What I did to lose my double chin

Hey it’s Louisa,

Are you looking for a way to lose your double chin?  Allow me to share my story with you, it will blow you and that turkey neck away! :)

I’ll give you the ups and down’s, the things that didn’t work for me, and the one thing that helped me lose my double chin.

The reason I was so focused, or forming a complex over my double chin is the fact that I have to stare at everyday when I look in the mirror.  Not only that, that meant that other people have to stare at it too.  It isn’t so much that I care what people think, it’s just that I don’t like the way it looks.

How do I lose this double chin?  I was looking in the mirror the other day and realized I wasn’t old, but I wasn’t getting any younger. This unsightly double chin that somehow came out of nowhere. Okay, maybe not from out of nowhere. A few years of a happy marriage, 1500 cal meals, and lack of exercise. I mean, while I was dating my husband I was in the gym every day. Of course, I was also younger then. Even though my body seemed to be failing me, I thought to myself  “there has to be a way to lose my double chin!” My husband is a nurse and I learned from him that our skin is made up of collagen. I know, I had to go through a A&P to get my x-ray tech license.  But, as most x-ray techs will tell you, once you get your license and start working, it becomes more about how the machines work than how our bodies work. :)

To avoid boring you to death with the details of human anatomy, I will only say that this collagen is elastic. When fat is deposited between the muscle in our necks and our skin, this causes the skin to be able to stretch.  I also learned as we get older this mechanism of stretching will not bounce back to its original form if we lose weight. So we are stuck with this type of turkey neck looking type of double chin.

A few things I tried:

  • Chin exercises – 1) You look ridiculous doing them 2) the muscles in your neck need to get worked enough to burn the fat. 3) your neck muscles get so big that people start calling you ‘Moose’ 4) as a female, this is bad.
  • Surgery ( liposuction) – 1) They want how much money to suck fat from my neck?!?  2) That is going to leave a mark :)  3) What if fat moves back in after it sucked out? 4) Doesn’t matter, I can’t afford it anyway.
  • Diet and exercise – 1) I find myself feeling it diet biweekly 2) exercise is what I would do if I didn’t have kids 3) dropped dumbbell on toe while attempting to multitask 4) Not fun.

Lose Double ChinWhat worked: ItWorks Ultimate body applicators – These wraps made a noticeable difference in just 45minutes by tightening, toning, and firming my neckline.


2 Responses to “What I did to lose my double chin”

  1. YeStep says:

    I am an overweight teen, a 190 pound 15 year old, and don’t want to go on a traditional diet, but would like to make some healthy lifestyle choices to help with weight loss. Me and my best friend have decided to go to a local gym 4 times a week for 2 hours and swim every friday in the summer. What tips can you give me about easy changes to help me lose weight. PLEASE TAKE IT SERIOUSLY.

    • Louisa says:

      Best thing you could do is make sure to eat at least 1200 calories daily. This is the minimum amount needed by your body’s internal organs. If you are going to work out, make sure to add as many calories as you need to in order to stay above 1200 calories daily.

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